Meet the Maker

 Hi ! I'm Lauren, I started making fine silver pendants and charms as a hobby, beginning with personalised handprint and fingerprint items.

Since the lockdown in 2020 I have been collecting natural items – acorns, seeds, leaves – on my daily exercise walks. I began experimenting with making moulds and impressions from these items and out sprung a range of natural element themed pendants and earrings.

Many of my fine silver items are handmade using natural elements. With the impression pieces, the natural element such as the leaf or sycamore are burnt away during the firing process. Therefore, each piece, whilst similar is unique and no two pieces are ever completely the same.

I am a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, a collaboration of British jewellery designers and artisans ranging from part time enthusiasts to dedicated full time professionals with the aim of sharing expertise and knowledge and promoting UK Jewellery Designers.

 Watch a video here of an interview I did with the team from Small Business Saturday UK as supported by BT Skills for Tomorrow where I talk about starting my business and the value of small businesses.